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Lighting Designed to Enhance Bathrooms

People use different types of lighting for different areas inside their homes. The bathroom is one of the areas people usually purchase lights for. The type of bathroom lighting used will often depend on what type of furnishings are used in it. The main piece of furniture in this room is the vanity cabinet. This item uses two essential elements in designed the bathroom area. One element is the sink and the other is the wall mirror. A single wall light can be placed directly over the mirror or two can be placed on either side of it. If the mirror is an oval or circular style, placing wall sconces with fluted shades, on either side of the mirror will enhance the round shape.

If a bath is decorated with an old fashioned theme using a claw foot tub and a cabinet with a vessel sink, the lighting can be chosen to fit the design. There are a number of wall lights made with antique brass bases and frosted lamp shades. The shades can be designed in the narrow hurricane style reminiscent of old time oil lamps. They can also come in tulip styles with decorative etchings along the outer surface of the glass. The old fashioned lighting fixtures can also be found in styles using wood bases.

People with contemporary styled bathrooms also have options available for the lighting they want to use. Lights placed on metal bars are often used in modern settings. The bulbs placed on this silver bar can be left as uncovered clear bulbs or have round globe shades. Rectangular lamps shades are also popular and can be found on bases made of metal for use as wall mounted lighting. The metal can be silver or black with the shade made in a semi-transparent white.

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Bathroom Lighting: The Forgotten Area In Your Home

Most people concentrate on providing lighting for kitchens, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms. It is understandable that these areas receive the most foot traffic in a single day. One area of the home that is often forgotten when it comes to decorative lights is the bathroom. The same elegance that is created in other parts of the home can be used in a bathroom. Many hotels and restaurants put a lot of emphasis on bathroom lighting and you can too.

There are many versions of wall lights that are made exclusively for placement in your bathroom. Everything from the design to the colour is different to give your bathroom an extra special touch of class. With the use of wall lighting, you can get away from a standard mirror and light combination and move into something a bit more attractive. You can make your bathroom a fancy place by adding chrome, glass or multiple light fixtures.

Ceiling lights are constructed differently for a bathroom than for other rooms in your home. Many of the lights do not protrude from the ceiling, but are round and stationary to spread the light to your entire bathroom. A dome or shade is included with a ceiling light to even out the illumination making it easy to see every nook and cranny of your bathroom. Recessed versions are also available to give a flattened appearance. An attractive glass plate protects these lights from water intrusion.

Apart from wall or ceiling lights, spot lights are commonly used to cover the entire visual range of a bathroom. If you have decorations or photographs in your bathroom, a single or multiple fixture spot light will provide you with additional decorating choices. The spot lights can be angled in different directions allowing you to focus on a particular item or several items and still have enough light for general use.

All of these modern bathroom lighting configurations are available in traditional or low energy versions. This provides you with the ultimate flexibility and allows you to light up your forgotten bathroom for you and your guests to enjoy.

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