Looking for energy efficient home lighting?

Low Energy LightingLow energy lighting is very much the thing in the world of home lighting now, both for the environmental benefits it offers as well as the cost savings. With lighting being one of the most energy intensive functions within a domestic home, most of us are keen to find ways to use it more efficiently!

The government and industry are working together on this to phase out the old fashioned incandescent home lighting over the next few years. You’ll see these old light bulbs already starting to phase out in the shops and become replaced by energy saving versions and the good news is that the technology has greatly advanced from the earlier models of some years ago.

Modern energy saving lightbulbs are far brighter and quicker to fully light, compact in size and available in a growing range of shapes and finishes, such as colour shades and tints and lighting finishes. You’ll really notice a drop in your bills as you replace the home lighting bulbs within your home! In fact, if you fit just one of the energy-saving lightbulbs, you’ll save around £3 every year. Swap all the old lightbulbs in your home and you’ll suddenly be saving a very attractive £55 a year.

As well as the impact on your wallet, you’ll be making a real difference to the environment and helping to cut inefficient energy usage.

Where can I buy energy efficient lightbulbs from?

The low energy usage bulbs can be bought from the same places you’ve always bought bulbs from; the internet, DIY stores, specialist lighting retailers, supermarkets and even the local corner shop! You’ll find they may cost more than old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, but this is because they last longer – up to seven times longer than old-fashioned glass bulbs in fact. They are also far easier to install and dispose of without the risk of shattering glass. You may also be able to get subsidised or even free low energy lightbulbs from your utility provider, as many of them offer these bulbs under customer schemes. Look on your electricity provider’s website to find out more.

You’ll also find that these new lightbulbs are automatically built into the current range of home lighting on the market, particularly the more innovative new designed lights and models on offer. LED lights are a popular alternative to bulb styles and these are also energy friendly and provide a fantastic bright light. You can also buy energy efficient lights for outdoors, such as solar lights that run purely from the light of the sun and can be used to mark out drives, highlight water features, string around trees and patios and generally provide useful sources of illumination for outdoors without any of the cost or mains electricity usage.

With a little planning, thought and creativity, you’ll find that you can replace your home lightbulbs to brighter, safer, more modern, more energy efficient and cheaper to operate lightbulbs in one fell swoop – a great return on a very quick job!